Innovo Biopolymers is advancing a broad range of biomedical applications which can be developed or greatly improved by harnessing our novel Polyphosphazene (PPZ) Biopolymer Platform Technology.  Our technology has enormous potential to displace established alternatives and create new applications in cancer immunotherapies, vaccines, protein drugs and implantable medical devices.

Innovo Biopolymers, LLC (Rockville, MD) was formed in 2015 to leverage the cutting edge PPZ research in the laboratory of Dr. Alexander Andrianov at the University of Maryland’s Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR), in combination with a portfolio of synergistic patents and knowhow acquired by the company from Parallel Solutions Inc. (PSI), a former MIT spinoff.  Dr. Andrianov is a recognized world expert with over 70 publications, including “Biomedical Applications of Polyphosphazenes”, a reference textbook in the field. His laboratory maintains an ongoing program developing innovations in chemistry, manufacturing and new applications of PPZ technologies, and undertakes collaborations with many academic, government and industry groups.



PPZ biopolymers have been well recognized for their promise to provide an ideal combination of enhanced biochemical performance and better safety and biocompatibility. However, they have been hampered by traditionally difficult synthesis and manufacturing chemistry. Innovo’s unique advantage is our ability to:

  • Develop specific custom-tailored PPZs with specific properties required for each targeted application, and
  • Enable practical, reproducible, scalable manufacturing under stringent pharmaceutical and device requirements.

Innovo’s intellectual property includes three issued patents (US, Japan and Europe) and seven patent applications that cover scalable manufacturing processes and composition-of-matter and use claims for multiple biomedical applications, as well as knowhow, trade secrets and a diverse library of novel polyphosphazene compounds.


Innovo undertakes development and licensing partnerships with biopharma and device companies focused on specific product opportunities that the company’s PPZ Technology platform can improve or enable:

  • Biocompatible and longer-lasting coatings for implantable devices
  • Nano-molecules for better delivery of protein drugs
  • Improved adjuvants and immunostimulants for vaccines and cancer immunotherapies.